March 15, 2020

After our participation on Cine Lebu we received a lot of great feedback on our short film, invitations, opportunities and surprises that we are going to share soon.


Here are some of the links: 

- El Rancagüino 
- La Región

- Turismo Integral 
- El Machalino

(Look at me looking all chill when in reality I was trying hard not to freeze to death and speak fluently at the same time, that acting background is paying off gurl! xD)

February 6, 2020

The Oscar's qualifier short film fest for south américa selected our short film on the category "Regional short film", and we are, of course, thrilled among the team of Reina Fungi Films.  This is our second time on an Oscar's qualifier fest, being the first one the Best of Latin America Short Film Fest from last year, in California. 

The Cine Lebu festival will be held between 10th and 16th of February  in the Chilean south, specifically the cities of: Lebu, Cañete and Concepción. Our presentation will be the 13th on Cañete. 

We look forward to share, learn and watch all the wonderful movies at the festival and hopefully receive good feedback from our film as well. :)

October 16, 2019

On September we received the news that we were selected to be on DIVERSIMACINE - Festival Internacional de Cine in Coruña, Spain in the section about gender. Around the same time our friends from NOA, a chilean association of female filmmakers invited us to be part of the chilean section of OFTALMICA - Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente, that is going to be in Veracruz, México the next month. Amazing news to have our short film traveling to different parts of the globe. Thanks to everyone involved and, we are always open to invites 🖤🐾

September 12, 2019

I was invited to do my Workshop

"From Bully to Ally

Theatrical techniques to heal difficult children"

On Assitej Artistic Gathering in Kristiansand, Norway, 2-7 Sept. 2019

This was part of the professional program of the event, so the participants were adults related to teaching and theater. The workshop was about how to use what we teach in Theater classes to heal children with conduct problems. We have tools and offer a space that no other class is giving to them, so why not use that? We have the chance to teach children how to recognize and control their emotions, to use their bodies to express their ideas, how to gain self confidence, how to respond quick, how to speak loud and clear, how to creatively solve mistakes and turn them into something funny, to laugh freely, to share and bond with their mates, to be silly and playful in a safe environment, and so much more. So I feel like it is our duty to help them to apply all these things into solving the problems they have on their other...

June 4, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our short film Las Perras is part of Best of Latin America Short Film Festival.  A festival in California, EEUU organized by DirectTV and TvCortos, with possibilities of a television broadcast deal and receiving a screening in Los Angeles, California for seven days and gain Academy Award qualification status. 

This represents a great opportunity for the film and for the entire crew as well, wether we win or not, just to be considered for this is a huge honor. 

As the Director I take every opportunity I have to thank my friends who make this possible: cast, crew and specially my soul-sister and leading actress Waleska. She supported the script idea when I just first pitched to her and helped me deeply to make it a project and later a reality. She generously opened the doors to her beautiful world putting all of her talent and willingness to make this short film possible. And every soul who believed in me and supported my crazy projects from...

May 13, 2019

I saw Unicorn Store by Brie Larson and really enjoyed it and connected with it. It was full of metaphors, magic and sensibility, with humor all over and tons of glitter. I saw it and immediately knew that people were going to trash it. So I read reviews and that was happening already.

I eye rolled so hard that I could see my own optical nerves. 

So when I had the chance to review a film I choose this one. In my imagination I am defending Brie Larson and all the whimsicality in the world, but the truth is that she does not care of course, she is too busy saving our asses in other galaxies as the wonderful Capitan Marvel that she is :D. 

But I also did it for us female/unicorn-identifying spirits, because I always wonder 

"Do we all have to homologate to an adult cis heterosexual man in order to be taken seriously? "

I am done with that trap of the patriarchy. Growing up very tomboyish and earning insta-respect of the guys I thought I was being so feminist and radical but that meant denying...

April 27, 2019

Our short film Las Perras (The Bitches) 

made by Reina Fungi Films, Trenza Teatro, La Escalera, HAKA and friends

was part of the 1st Community Film Festival organized by the town hall of La Reina and Goethe Institute, among others.  

The reception was great, the audience had a lot of reactions during the screening and after the end they approached the girls to congratulate them, it was amazing. 

In the picture: the gorgeous Carolina Vanlerberghe (aka Riru) , actress and producer of the film, and the talented Sonia Alarcón, actress and fx artist. Representing all of us who could not attend - in my case for being 12.000 kms away from the place - . We are looking forward for more instances to exhibit our loved little puppy 🐾🎥.   

We still have it online!:

March 15, 2019

Jauría - Arte de perras disidentes - was an art evening organized by Cancino and just between us squirrel-friends to showcase all of our artistic works made during the summer and celebrate. 

First we opened with the inauguration of a mural to honour the feminist movie Persépolis, painted by ALMA ( @alma_animala ) and me. The inauguration had a site-specific performance by sisters Trenza Teatro @trenzateatro presented and hosted by the magnificent and maleficent Puto Mandinga @putomandinga. 


Then we had an open market with different artists and friends selling their creations:
@pilarcastroe @laclaudiasalas @escafandratirado @alma_animala @felivilla among others. 
When the sun went down the white screen came in, and we projected a little something from our short-film Las Perras @reinafungifilms ❤ - also we had a special guest: Wincy Oyarce, screening shorts starred by famous chilean Drag Queen and political figure Hija de Perra. After that, the party started w...

October 20, 2018

After 3 years of hard work with the Chilean Team, and lots of support from the most important cultural and educational entities of our country, our peers, and everyone - except for the Chilean Ministry of Arts and Culture -  we enjoyed an amazing Conference.

Playwrights from all over the world gathered for 5 really intense days to watch an amazing selection of texts, among many activities: round tables, staging, workshops, networking sessions, and even a tour trip to Valparaíso. 

This is my second Conference. The first one was in Cape Town, 2015, after my play Adentro was selected for the play readings. During that conference, Chile was selected as the next venue.  WPI Conference's had been traveling all over the world since Buffalo 1988 and this one was the first time ever in south america and in spanish-and english at the same time.

My work here was as a Producer, while being Conference Convenor for WPI International and actually 70% of my work was to translate and...

August 30, 2018

Amazing summer in Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Nice weather, lovely festivals and open-air activities. 

It was a great opportunity for our theater company Trenza Teatro to go on tour with our street performance "Soy Esta y Las Otras" - Showing a shorter and lighter version of our play, and with the musical company of a talented violinist friend.

This experience showed us that we still have a lot of work to do and to grow, and opened a path for new collaborations and artistic experiences that we are really excited to work on


We visit:




San Pol de Mar


Amazing experience :) <3

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