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Women Playwrights International Conference - WPIC

  • Conference Convenor for Women Playwrights International (2015 - 2018)

  • Part of the Production Team for the 2018 Conference in Santiago, Chile

  • Editor and translator for WPI newsletter


  • 2015
    Institution: Colegio Nido de Aguilas 
    Role: Teacher
    Class:  Stopmotion (Claymation)
    Students: Pre-School
    Language: English



  • 2014
    Institution: Universidad Alberto Hurtado
    Role: Teacher Assistant
    Class:  Dramatic Expression
    Students: Journalism. First year.

  • 2014
    Institution: Fundación INTEGRA
    Role: Teacher / Monitor
    Class:  Arts. Winter After School
    Students: Playgroup - Kinder.


  • 2012
    Institution: Colegio Nahuelcura

    Role: Drama Teacher
    Class:  Drama
    Students: Pre-School


  • 2002-2011
    Institution: JUNAEB, GESTA y MARCHA
    Role: Volunteer. Teacher and Monitor
    Class:  Summer and Winter Camps. Plastic Arts/Drama/Graffiti 
    Students: Children at social risk. Ages from 4 to 13


  • 2011
    Institution: Universidad del Desarrollo

    Role: Teacher Assistant
    Class:  Entrepreneurship and Leadership
    Students: Drama Students from First Year.

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