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Theatre Play in Amsterdam Lelylaan

Deze Zondag, mis het niet! / This Sunday! Do not miss it! Dear Ladies, Gentleman and Creatures of all kind, if you are in Amsterdam this weekend, you are kindly invited to The Spectacular Spectacle of the Marvellous Dancing Skeleton! Be so kind to check the facebook event

💀✨🌜🎪🎭 Script and Direction

MªCarolina Quintana

Produced by

George Rigopoulos


Alessandra Gasparotto

Charlotte Gredal

George Rigopoulos

Jade Suzarte

Kyriaki Kourteli

Lina Kagli

Maya Wetzel

Margie Chatzicharalampous

Moli Sarmiento

Rowdy Fabon

Saúl F. Borel

Silvia Bonavigo

Tania Fontinou

Tania Shpadi

Verónica González

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