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Successful Conference! - 11th Women Playwrights International Conference, Santiago de Chile.

After 3 years of hard work with the Chilean Team, and lots of support from the most important cultural and educational entities of our country, our peers, and everyone - except for the Chilean Ministry of Arts and Culture - we enjoyed an amazing Conference.

Playwrights from all over the world gathered for 5 really intense days to watch an amazing selection of texts, among many activities: round tables, staging, workshops, networking sessions, and even a tour trip to Valparaíso.

This is my second Conference. The first one was in Cape Town, 2015, after my play Adentro was selected for the play readings. During that conference, Chile was selected as the next venue. WPI Conference's had been traveling all over the world since Buffalo 1988 and this one was the first time ever in south america and in spanish-and english at the same time.

My work here was as a Producer, while being Conference Convenor for WPI International and actually 70% of my work was to translate and write hundreds of emails and have skype-meetings in english <---> spanish. I went to embassies, to the European Union, to the Goethe Institute, to many many meetings playing the role of young successful executive ready to slay 😆 seems like I did an fine job c: This of course was just a fragment of all the titanic work made with a dream-team: Sally Campusano, Muriel Miranda, Constanza Blanco, Ximena Carrera, Andrea Jeftanovic, Nona Fernández, Leticia Arbelo and Carla Romero. Our team of 10 invited more than 120 women from 40 different countries. When women gather to share knowledge, amazing changes start to happen all around. <3 Here are some pics of this amazing experience

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