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Las Perras in FECICOM Festival

Our short film Las Perras (The Bitches)

made by Reina Fungi Films, Trenza Teatro, La Escalera, HAKA and friends

was part of the 1st Community Film Festival organized by the town hall of La Reina and Goethe Institute, among others.

The reception was great, the audience had a lot of reactions during the screening and after the end they approached the girls to congratulate them, it was amazing.

In the picture: the gorgeous Carolina Vanlerberghe (aka Riru) , actress and producer of the film, and the talented Sonia Alarcón, actress and fx artist. Representing all of us who could not attend - in my case for being 12.000 kms away from the place - . We are looking forward for more instances to exhibit our loved little puppy 🐾🎥.

We still have it online!:


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