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Writing a review for Directed by Women #Crucial21DbW

I saw Unicorn Store by Brie Larson and really enjoyed it and connected with it. It was full of metaphors, magic and sensibility, with humor all over and tons of glitter. I saw it and immediately knew that people were going to trash it. So I read reviews and that was happening already.

I eye rolled so hard that I could see my own optical nerves.

So when I had the chance to review a film I choose this one. In my imagination I am defending Brie Larson and all the whimsicality in the world, but the truth is that she does not care of course, she is too busy saving our asses in other galaxies as the wonderful Capitan Marvel that she is :D. But I also did it for us female/unicorn-identifying spirits, because I always wonder

"Do we all have to homologate to an adult cis heterosexual man in order to be taken seriously? "

I am done with that trap of the patriarchy. Growing up very tomboyish and earning insta-respect of the guys I thought I was being so feminist and radical but that meant denying parts of me and now I see the mistake. I haven't done that in decades tho, I fully embrace all my sides and queerness, but I see people struggling with that still, and here I am. I never miss a chance to defend color, glitter, sparks, extravaganza, eleganzzza, flowers, rainbows, unicorns, and girliness, because sépanlo amiges: Pink is Punk.

Here is the review:

And the website to that magnificent project named Directed by Women:

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