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Official Selection in Best of Latin America Short Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that our short film Las Perras is part of Best of Latin America Short Film Festival. A festival in California, EEUU organized by DirectTV and TvCortos, with possibilities of a television broadcast deal and receiving a screening in Los Angeles, California for seven days and gain Academy Award qualification status.

This represents a great opportunity for the film and for the entire crew as well, wether we win or not, just to be considered for this is a huge honor.

As the Director I take every opportunity I have to thank my friends who make this possible: cast, crew and specially my soul-sister and leading actress Waleska. She supported the script idea when I just first pitched to her and helped me deeply to make it a project and later a reality. She generously opened the doors to her beautiful world putting all of her talent and willingness to make this short film possible. And every soul who believed in me and supported my crazy projects from the very beginning in different but equally important ways. Many of my ideas are still just in my head for lack of (human) resources so really, if it weren't for this generous artists who put their talent in service of this, this will be just another idea still floating in my head. Love ya all 🌈

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