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Trenza Teatro is a feminist street theater company from Chile. We work on the formats of site specifics, performances, varieté and short plays.

Our work has been shown in: Chile, Spain, France and Netherlands since 2016.

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The Spectacular Spectacle of the Marvelous Dancing Skeleton - 2017, Netherlands.

A dark comedy with inspirations of absurd theater, that tells a story of 10 strangers from different parts of the globe realizing that no matter how different they are, we all will become skeletons one day. 

Adentro (Inside) - Chile, 2010


10th New Director’s Festival - Universidad de Chile (2010)

Ex Alumni funding award - Department of Drama,
Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. (2010)

Staged on the theatres: Teatro Cariola and Lastarria 90. Chile (2010)

Play Selected for being part of the latin american comission 
10th Women Playwrights International Conference, 
Cape Town, South Africa (2013)

Playreading Directed by Clare Stopford. - 
10th Women Playwrights International Conference, 
Cape Town, South Africa (2015)

Other Performances


I have been collaborating with friends with texts, ideas or direction. Among my favorites is DragLab of Love with my talented babies Puto Mandinga and La Mala Drag, two rising stars that you need to check ;)